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Calling on all PHP user groups and lovers of cuddly, plush animals! Whether your group is small or large, located in a remote village somewhere or in the bustling metropolis, you can be sure that this PHP ElePHPant – blue, furry and friendly – will adapt to any work station. Put it on top of your monitor, in your child’s crib or alongside your shaving mirror, it’s bound to trigger your PHP creative juices. ElePHPant measures over 7 inches in length, 5 inches in width, and nearly 6 inches tall. ElePHPant will be the perfect conversation piece among IT groups in general and PHP user groups in particular. Talk about a pleasant ice breaker!

The brainchild of Vincent Pontier, this ElePHPant will tame the wild jungle of your fellow developers. A true flagship for any PHP meet-up. Friendly, smart and unpretentious – just like the PHP community.

Note: Shipping/Handling is included for continental USA orders only. Please contact us for shipping charges to other locations.

Currently out of stock.

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